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Remembering 9/11

In honor of the 22nd anniversary of 9/11, I am adding 22 movies today. I usually try not to include too many documentaries about 9/11. (I don’t like getting into politics or conspiracy theories). Today I added a few that focused on heroes of 9/11 and stories of how New York healed after 9/11.

9/11: The Falling Man (2006)

Man in Red Banana (2017)

Nine Innings from Ground Zero (2004)

Slammin Iron: Rebuilding the World (2005)

As well as a few documentaries about the city of New York and political figures who helped shape the city.

Empire City (1985)

Koch (2012)

Vigilante (2018)

We are starting to see more movies being made that tell fictional stories of how people were affected by 9/11. I enjoyed both of these.

All At Once (2018)

The Citizen (2012)

Lastly, thirteen more movies set in New York that show the towers.

American Born (1990)

American Dragons (1998)

Enormous Changes at the Last Minute (1983)

The Good Policeman (1993)

Hardhat and Legs (1980)

Madame in Manhattan (1981)

Mambo Café (2000)

Married to It (1991)

Murder in Music City (1979) NYPD Mounted (1991)

Splatter University (1984)

The Stand-in (1999)

Zooman (1995)

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