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The World Trade Center in Movies

Welcome to WTCinMovies  

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I began developing this site a few years after 9/11. It came from my curiosity about movies that showed the World Trade Center towers in them. I started with a short list from my own love of movies. After more and more research, the list just kept growing.

The earliest movies from the 1970's often showed the towers still under construction. Through the years they were featured in Oscar winners and crummy B-movies alike. After 9/11, filmmakers had to consider how they would portray the towers. Many new movies set in the past are again showing the towers with old footage or CGI, while other movies have a plot directly dealing with 9/11.

I know this list will never be complete. (Although it is the most extensive list I've seen on the Internet.) I am still finding movies I've never seen before that have the WTC in them, even if just for a few seconds. If you know of any other movies that show the WTC towers or would like to leave me some feedback, please visit my blog.

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Last updated: June 1, 2024

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