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Is this the earliest WTC movie?

I have found several movies that show the WTC towers under construction. But in those movies, the towers were already pretty tall. I decided that there must be other movies with even shorter towers. I recently found What's a Nice Girl Like You? from 1971 that shows a fairly short tower under construction with the rusty red steel beams rising from the ground.

Next, I found what must be the earliest movie out there! It is a horrible movie called Putney Swope from 1969. There is an aerial view of lower Manhattan that shows a very short North tower under construction. It can't be more than a few stories high. The South tower has not even begun construction. Below is a side by side comparison of the shot from the movie compared with Google Earth. I have marked the diagonal corner by City Hall in green, St Paul's chapel in yellow and the North tower in red.

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that's definitely one of the towers.. really cool.. please could you upload a screen shot from What's a Nice Girl Like You?. i'm really fascinated by the earliest ones.

Replying to

The screenshot for What's a Nice Girl Like You? is already on the W page.

If you are fascinated by the early movies, would you be willing to give your opinion on a movie I am not sure about? Please email me directly and I'll share more information.

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